Dodge Demon Practicing on 1/8 mile Getting Ready for 1/4 mile

At this time of the year all of the 1/4 mile tracks are closed, so I am getting as much practice as I can with my Dodge Demon on the 1/8 mile tracks to get ready for the 1/4 mile. On Super Bowl Sunday the drag strip I grew up racing on, Yello Belly in Grand Prairie TX, was open so I decided to go out with my childhood friend, Elvis, and my family and get some practice runs in using transbrake, launch control, and footbraking before all my homies showed up. The Yello Belly Drag Strip can get pretty crowded if you know what I mean. Shoutout to CC for helping me with my launches and getting my best time in the 1/8 mile so far. The Yello Belly is great track to practice on. I was able to do about 10 runs but unfortunately the timing system broke after the 4th run. My next step is to get better tires for my Dodge Demon.

Thanks to my buddy Elvis and his son Brandon for helping me at the track. Thanks also to my youngest son for stepping up like a champ and doing all the filming for the day.

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