Sunoco 260 GT – Best Fuel for Dodge Demon!

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After testing the Sunoco 260 GT I feel that it is currently the best fuel on the market for the Dodge Demon based on three factors: horsepower gain, ft/lbs of torque gain, and price ($50/5 gal or $465/54 gal drum). The Sunoco 260 GT produced better results than the VP MS109 (105 octane) which I tested previously. Although dynos have a lot of different variables that come into play I strongly feel that this gas is king until I test the VP MS100. I believe it to be irrelevant to run the Sunoco 260 GT Plus since it is so similar to the VP MS109.

I used SRT Mush’s video to see the difference between what I believe he was running (Gulf Mach 116, a 110 octane fuel) and the 260 GT (100 octane). I could be wrong on the type of fuel that SRT Mush is using. However, the 260 GT performed just as well if not better. If you have not subscribed to SRT Mush’s channel, I would highly suggest subscribing to him as he has a lot of great content and knowledge to share. Ultimately, the dyno does not truly give track results in my opinion. I feel a better test of fuels is what numbers are produced on the track with similar DA and weather/track conditions. I have seen numerous cars with great dyno numbers but could not perform well on the track. In conclusion, the Demon is tuned for 100 octane fuel and when using 100 octane oxygenated fuel it has shown to yield superior performance over higher octane fuels.

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